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A Nothing Story

a Naruto role-playing community

A Nothing Story -- Naruto Role-Play
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A Naruto role-play focused on character development and plot
This is a Naruto role-playing community. If you're looking for in-depth role-play that focuses on character development, you've come to the right place. Otherwise, feel free to leave. :P

Characters who are taken:

Naruto - rokudaimesama
Sasuke - revenge_is_sour
Kiba - kiba_thats_why
Iruka - iruka_of_konoha
Pein - pleasure_pein
Itachi - carmine_chaos
Hidan - headless_hidan

Characters we are looking for:


The following is a lsit of guidelines to follow for posting in this comm. Please be considerate and try to follow them, if only to save everyone some hassle later on. These can all be changed at any time, if we agree that they're not working for us.


- Everyone can pick a maximum of three characters. These three characters should normally not interact with each other. Also, these three characters CANNOT be in one thread alone together. This rule comes from the idea that there will be two main plotlines to follow: one with the Konoha ninja, and one with the non-Konoha ninja (Akatsuki, etc.). If you'd like to be involved with both storylines, then, you would need at least two characters. You can take your characters from the same side, but they should be characters who don't normally interact and who wouldn't need threads together. For instance, you could be Shikamaru, but also choosing Asuma, Chouji, Ino, or Temari would be a bad idea. Shikamaru and someone like Anko, Jiraiya, or Orochimaru would be fine, though.

- Each member needs to have an IC personal journal that is written from the first-person perspective. Comments to other personal journals should also be written in IC first-person. You should have yoru IC account friend the other IC accounts, and your IC account should be a member of this comm.

- This comm is where the third-person story role-playing will take place. All threads go into this comm, even threads where only two people are interacting. The personal journals are meant to be your characters thoughts and dialogue/letter interactions with other characters. In other words, the plot happens in the comm, and your character's reactions or thoughts go in their personal journals. It's like each character has an LJ in their life, and they comment on each others. You guys have probably done this before and so you know this already.

- All OOC posts can only go in this comm, and the subject line MUST start with "[OOC]". For instance, "[OOC] Confusion over a post" is fine, but "Confusion over a post" is not. We always assume we're IC unless otherwise stated.

- This comm is focused on the plot of Naruto, on character development and interaction. If you want to focus on role-playing out fighting, go somewhere else. Fighting is boring and stupid. When we need to do it, we'll use an OOC post to figure out who should win according to what works best for the plot. We'd like to stay focused on character development and interaction.

- Pairings are amazing and fun! But both players need to agree to the pairing in order for it to happen. You can have a character who pines after another one, that's acceptable, but we have ZERO established relationships in this comm. Everything that happens is going to be documented.

- You'll be expected to update your personal journal, as well as comment on this comm and the other pesonal journals, fairly regularly. I'm not putting a time on it or anything, but if people start complaining that you haven't been posting, it's a problem. If you find that you don't like the way the comm works and you'd like to quit, the best thing to do is contact me and we'll see about getting someone to take over your account for you.

- IC posts should always end with "[Who can post]". For instance, "[Konoha ninja]" or "[Team 7]" or "[Akatsuki]". That way, anyone who's in that location knows thy have the chance to pick up a thread. Also, if the post is labeled "Private", then no one except who is invited to join can join in. So, "The Meeting [Private]" means a thread called "The Meeting" is taking place in the Akatsuki hideout, and only people who are invited to can join it. I think this is fairly obvious, but just so we're all clear.

- In the Location space in your post, write in the location where the post is taking place. For example, Akatsuki Hideout, Konoha, Outskirts of Amegakure, Hokage's Office, etc.

More to come, and maybe in a pretty picture format! ^_^*